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Although launched in 2011, Filthy Home designs have been budding for decades. Inspired by raw, simple perspectives, Filthy Home resonates with vintage flare and modern sensuality. Capturing basic moments in life, both contemporary and historic, we value the unusual and sometimes unspoken familiarities that we all share in the overall experience of being human. Often fueled by those random explosions of creativity, embracing rather than avoiding traditional taboos, Filthy Home will rouse your senses. Go ahead…savor our specialties. 

Ryan Cox

Creative Art Director

• 1978 - Born in a small Utah town called Hooper, pronounced “hooker” with a “p.”

• 1984 – Started singing in his Grandmother's band “The Hometown Players” and began to wear pimped out white sport coats, sequins, and carnations in his lapel.

• 1985 – Won his first art contest. A multimedia piece using poster board, watercolors, dirt and glue.

• 1986 – Started helping his mother teach wood refinishing classes and waking up early Saturday mornings to watch “This Old House.”

• 1989 – Learned he was good with power tools and built a rocking horse (for his awesome Sis' Angie) out of reclaimed oak and 2x4s.  The finishing touch was hair from his pony -- Chip’s tail ;)

• 1990 – Got sent home from 6th grade for writing and drawing “dirty things” in his text books. 

• 1991-1993 – Grew pubes and was the T.A. in wood shop, pottery and home education classes.

• 1994 – Crowned "All Around Cowboy" Weber County, Utah.

• 1994-1997 – Tried to make out with girls but always wished they were boys.

• 1998 – Started college thinking of a pre-law, but realized he would never survive actual law school. Decided on a BFA.

• 2002 – Interned in New York City.  He was quickly hooked on the Big Apple (or was it the gay bars?).

• 2003 – Received university artist grant to try his luck making short films.

• 2005 – Left Utah for NYC to prove that he could "make it."

• 2006 – Started his "Porn Career" at Playboy Enterprises. Climbed the ranks as a designer in the licensing division.

• 2008 – Turned 30 and finally recognized he was a grown up.

• 2010 – Moved into a one bedroom in Brooklyn. Embraced his devilish ways.  Filthy Home was born. 

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Please Note: Kandus Linde the Amazing, she dances, sings, breathes fire, swallows swords, and contributes her keen sense of verse and story telling to Filthy Home. If you desire a freelance copy-writer or editor, please contact her: